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Apple Promises And Ambition1

Apple Promises Mac Pro 2019 Design Changes

Last year, Apple confirmed its commitment to professionals by confirming that they were working on a Mac Pro redesign.

Mac Pro last released Apple in 2013. And although it still looks interesting up to now, but less in terms of expansion.

Apple also uses thermal design and also upgrades and Mac Pro.

A year has passed, Apple has confirmed that the Mac Pro issued a redesign will be coming next year.

Tom Boger, Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing Apple, says the following:

“We want to expose and communicate openly with the pro community, wanting the Mac Pro to be a product set up for 2019, not this year.”

He also added that many consumers are waiting for the Mac Pro and asked if it is necessary to get the iMac Pro first.

In addition, Apple revealed it has a new team called Pro Workflow Team that focuses to ensure that Mac and software are able to meet the needs of professionals.

The team also deals directly with professionals judi poker online indonesia to discover how they use Apple-made hardware and software in industries such as graphic design, animation, and movie editing.

There is speculation that the Mac Pro will only make decisions for professional people.

Apple’s ambition

Apple Promises And Ambition2

The latest rumor about Apple states that Apple deserves no use of Intel processors and uses its own homemade processor on the Mac from 2020.

According to widespread news, an effort that has the code name Kalamata, is still in its early stages but becomes a bigger part of Apple’s strategy to unite devices that are closer and fused.

The use of processors will provide more and more hardware and software more stringent.

The processor itself also provides flexibility during the announcement because it does not run on the Intel roadmap.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the homemade processors also deliver advantages such as ASUS, HP, and Dell that still use Intel processors.

Last year, it was rumored that Apple was working on a new software platform called Marzipan, to provide a uniform experience on macOS and iOS. Use a homemade processor for Mac will enable it.

However, it is unclear how the move will affect MacOS user functionality and experience. Will it be drastic to users? Does Apple still use ARM or x64?

Macface loyal users will be worried. But in our opinion, users who wear uniforms will benefit both Mac and iOS.

In addition, Apple’s function in designing the processor can produce a more powerful and efficient Mac.

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