New Map PUGB, The Concept of Forest Asia

New Map PUGB, The Concept of Forest Asia

PUBG continues to innovate

not to be outdone by the competition This map is indeed a sign of the seriousness of Bluehole in working on the game, including other players in the development of this game is also merely a code that the developers are really going to the game that really promises this.

The MAP project under construction PUBG is coded “SAVAGE” A word that chooses wildlife as well as madness. I myself fit the madness as a super-intense warfare, the 4X4Km map that Bluehole offers this tough is really our skill.

Early compilations I played on this SAVAGE-coded map, a lot of mixed sense of environtment. Touch PUBG but really still felt in this MAP, so you do not need to fear if this MAP is not really PUBG yes. So without further ado this First Impression I about the new PUBG MAP.

Southeast Asia!

There is a lot of speculation that may arise about judi poker online terpercaya where the MAP PUBG is taking reference, but the first time  my feet in this new MAP, the taste EXOTIS indeed enveloping around. I feel again playing at home Upin-upin the traditional house of Malay style, but also the feeling of Vietnam ancient houses Borneo also not ilang.

Similarly similar roof designs to forest houses in China, this reason may also be supported by PUBG loyalists, domiciled in China which means that this is enough to keep the basement player.

Make Nostalic Horror!

Nostalgic atmosphere that was brought in this new MAP really rasain seemed to look at custom homes in the area of Kalimantan, where the houses are tall and maybe under the columns that can be entered.

Thai horror films and also Indonesia that take the background of the forest and make nostalgik badly the same keadan in this game, empty houses lined the middle of the forest and also the fear in the enemy ambush enough to haunt me during the struggle on the map of this Forest.

The details of the plants that spread to the empty custom houses, the greater the sense that this place seemed to be the abandoned horror house.

The High Weird Plateau Ala Plateau of China

When you look at this map, you will find many tall stones quite prominent, these beautiful stones have made you feel like there is in China. But his role in this PUBG game itself still I questioned, freely will die to get on the plane. The mountains that use a city simply become uniqueness that is not on another map, where you can take shelter to finish off the enemy in the middle of town.

Crazy Gameplay

War on this map is very intense, including a small place and still in development stage, often I have difficulty distinguishing the opponent. The enemy that follows this development is also perceived as looking for an arbitrary enemy, you will easily die compilation of this map. Homes that have a strategic berangle make lu always wary where the enemy is still residing, because it is possible to hide in the corners of crazy.


Bluehole’s expected feedback against the new MAP is high enough, evident from the vital location that still lacks texture, there is a 3d building with a chess-like color. The furniture in this MAP is not really sharpened, I have always been an empty Exotic concept. But this deficiency can be greatly improved, overall it is still in the development stage, it still needs a lot of advice from the players.

FPS drop that really really feel compilation gw be very important information, this may be because not well optimized with this new map.


You will feel the sensation of adrenaline that feels quite different compared to other maps, the concept of forest that is now sung really Savage, unlike the map of the forest on the map before. The touch of Southeast Asia and China really feels very strong in this MAP, you will realize it by looking at the semi-permanent that is in this game. Very intense war plus Pro players who roam the real skill and also the instinct of playing your shooting games.

Details and hiding places that still need to be repaired are quite replaceable, but with my inputs this happens. FPS drop is quite different from the previous map quite quite feel in this MAP, this will be a big input for PUBG.

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Apple Promises And Ambition1

Apple Promises And Ambition1

Apple Promises Mac Pro 2019 Design Changes

Last year, Apple confirmed its commitment to professionals by confirming that they were working on a Mac Pro redesign.

Mac Pro last released Apple in 2013. And although it still looks interesting up to now, but less in terms of expansion.

Apple also uses thermal design and also upgrades and Mac Pro.

A year has passed, Apple has confirmed that the Mac Pro issued a redesign will be coming next year.

Tom Boger, Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing Apple, says the following:

“We want to expose and communicate openly with the pro community, wanting the Mac Pro to be a product set up for 2019, not this year.”

He also added that many consumers are waiting for the Mac Pro and asked if it is necessary to get the iMac Pro first.

In addition, Apple revealed it has a new team called Pro Workflow Team that focuses to ensure that Mac and software are able to meet the needs of professionals.

The team also deals directly with professionals judi poker online indonesia to discover how they use Apple-made hardware and software in industries such as graphic design, animation, and movie editing.

There is speculation that the Mac Pro will only make decisions for professional people.

Apple’s ambition

Apple Promises And Ambition2

The latest rumor about Apple states that Apple deserves no use of Intel processors and uses its own homemade processor on the Mac from 2020.

According to widespread news, an effort that has the code name Kalamata, is still in its early stages but becomes a bigger part of Apple’s strategy to unite devices that are closer and fused.

The use of processors will provide more and more hardware and software more stringent.

The processor itself also provides flexibility during the announcement because it does not run on the Intel roadmap.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the homemade processors also deliver advantages such as ASUS, HP, and Dell that still use Intel processors.

Last year, it was rumored that Apple was working on a new software platform called Marzipan, to provide a uniform experience on macOS and iOS. Use a homemade processor for Mac will enable it.

However, it is unclear how the move will affect MacOS user functionality and experience. Will it be drastic to users? Does Apple still use ARM or x64?

Macface loyal users will be worried. But in our opinion, users who wear uniforms will benefit both Mac and iOS.

In addition, Apple’s function in designing the processor can produce a more powerful and efficient Mac.

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Dota 2 is a dead game

Dota 2 is a dead game

Some say Dota 2 is a dead game, but this is actually happen

Can not be denied the popularity of Dota began to decline over time. This game used to be a golden child in asia. When a community wants to create a game competition, Dota is almost always the game of choice.

But now things are starting to change, even though Dota’s competition still exists, but it may not be as frequent as it once was. In popularity, this game is increasingly losing prestige with other games. In the number of players, this game yesterday even had a situs judi poker terpercaya moment by PUBG, a game that can be practically not even finished when it.

Faced with this, many feel or think that Dota game is dead; but it is not. There is one interesting reddit forum thread that explains the phenomenon that is happening on Dota. Redditor named ShimmyZmizz is claimed to be a former community / product manager in a game that is Free-to-Play.

He explains that the Free-to-Play game basically has three stages. Dota who incidentally is a game that also Free-to-Play was undergoing these three stages, and that makes Dota feel lonely is because he was in the last stage. What are the three stages? The following is explained by the redittor.

Stage One – Interesting Players (Acquisition)

Dota 2 is a dead game2

The first stage told by him is the stage of attracting players. This stage is when the new game releases, and the game developer focus when it is getting as many players, including those who have never played the game.

There are many things you can do to do this, build up the hype with interesting advertising content, also including one of them is to create ecosystem eSports in order to make the player inspired to become a pro player. ShimmyZmizz explains that Valve’s Free to Play video is one way to get gamers tempted to play Dota 2.

Second Stage – Searching for Profit (Monetization)

Dota 2 is a dead game3

Whatever game there is in this world, of course have one purpose besides entertaining, that is looking for profit. The redditor explains the second stage is to find a way to make money from gamers and fans who have played the free games.

In his explanation, the redittor said this stage occurs when the increase in the number of players has begun to slow down. He explained that the sale of The International Battle Pass is one of the best examples made Dota when it reached this one stage

Third Stage – Keeping the Loyal Player, Current Dota 2 (Retention)

Dota 2 is a dead game4

The last stage is what he says is keeping the loyal fans there. At this stage a game usually begins to lose players, while the number of new players tend to be less or even nonexistent. When a game has reached this stage, all they have to do is to keep fans loyal so that those who are already playing still enjoy playing the games they like.

Well! Dota itself is now said to have reached this one stage. Seen how the presence of Mobile Legends directly siphon attention and indirectly filter out which players are really loyal players Dota with seasonal players who just want to try it.

Therefore you can see now Dota game gives more frequent updates, than a big update that makes a scene. Then you can also see Dota Plus, whose goal is to spoil the loyal players to keep playing and still enjoy the game Dota itself. Also a fairness if Dota players are now not as much as before, because maybe only loyal players are left.

As an additional note, Shimmy Zmizz said that the third stage is the longest life phase of a game. It could even be this phase is the most fun phase, because Valve would certainly listen and do anything for the fans still enjoy the excitement of Dota players.

When it reaches the third phase of life, there are only two possibilities that can make Dota 2 die. The first possibility is if Dota 2 is replaced by a sequel, so for example one day Valve make Dota 3, it is clear Dota 2 will die.

The second possibility is if there is a very superior game replace Dota. For example when the Riot Games promote the League of Legends in large-scale in asia, to the point of making an official league organized and organized by Riot Games. Then at that time may be Dota a dead game in asia, because you may have run out of friends who both play Dota at that time.

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Overwatch Events

Overwatch Events
Seasonal events in Overwatch seem to be held regularly

Overwatch Retribution is a seasonal PvE event that tells the story of where Gabriel Reyes came from being a Reaper

One event that is often held this is when entering the holiday season. Examples such as Lunar New Year yesterday, in which Blizzard provide a kind of mini game associated with the holiday in his game.

But not only that, yesterday Blizzard also had an event called Uprising; which is a seasonal PvE fashion set against a story when Tracer first underwent his mission in Overwatch. This event is incorporated into a series called Overwatch Archives. And this year, Overwatch Archives situs judi poker indonesia comes back with a new story. The event titled Overwatch Retribution will tell you about the Blackwatch Organization.

For those of you who do not know, Blackwatch is a hidden organization of Overwatch. His own duties are the same as Overwatch, being the keeper of world peace. The difference Blackwatch usually tend to work on a dirty mission, a mission that is in the realm that can not be touched by the organization Overwatch. The members of McCree, Gabriel Reyes (being Reaper figure later), Moira O’Deorain, and Genji Shimada, this Retribution mode will tell one of the missions of Blackwatch members.

Welcoming this event, Blizzard also released a comic with the same title, which explains the background of the mission we can play in that mode. In the comics told Reyes with Blackwatch troops are eyeing someone in the organization Talon, named Antonio Bartalotti. Talon itself is a kind of extremist terrorist organization in the Overwatch world.

At one time, Blackwatch was at Rome, Italy. One thing that is not unexpected is that the base was already infiltrated enemy and eventually detonated by one member of Talon. Because of this Reyes with Blackwatch also intend to immediately crack down on Antonio and his Talon organization. He also reported to the commander of Overwatch, Jack Morisson (Soldier 76). But, when Jack said it would crack down on the Talon organization with legal channels.

Overwatch Events2

Unable to bear to see Talon increasingly rampant, Reyes also asked permission to perform a dark operation with troops Blackwatch, to attack Antonio and Talon directly without going through the legal process first. Until finally arrived Blackwatch to Venice, Italy, attacked the headquarters of Talon and so the story of this Overwatch Retribution mission.

If you are curious about the full story, you can read the comics through this one link. This new event will be available in-game on 10 April, and you can play it for the next 20 days or more until April 30, 2018.

Seasonal events that are in this series of Overwatch Archives did not stop here. Jeff Kaplan said that the Overwatch Archives are planned to be present regularly, and bring the players to the past story of Overwatch troops. As always, this event will certainly give you lots of special loot boxes that contain skins, sprays, emote, and other cosmetic items.


Blackshark Xiaomi Phone Gaming

Blackshark Xiaomi Phone Gaming

Blackshark Xiaomi Phone Gaming

Xiaomi has long been rumored to be preparing a game device or perhaps phone gaming Xiaomi Blackshark.

The latest news from the development of this phone proves that Xiaomi Blackshark device will resemble a game console Nintendo Switch or PS Vita.

phone Xiaomi Blackshark originated from the cooperation of Xiaomi with his new partner, Nanchang Black Shark Technology Co., Ltd. They are mentioned going for a gaming or phone gaming device.

Some time ago the company has even sent invitations to several media in China judi poker online indonesia, for the launch of this product.

And on the invitation appears leaked images from the device phone gaming smartphone is similar to a game console.

If seen appear phone Xiaomi Blakshark very similar to game console PS Vita or Nintendo Switch.

Namely having designed with a wide screen, and flanked with game buttons that are already available. This button is believed to help gamers to play the games available.

In addition, other appearances also come from the miro-blogging site Weibo, in the image that reveals the back of Xiaomi Blackshark, said this phone has a form like an outdoor phone that has a gahar design.

Through this product Xiaomi seems very serious to make this game phone device. Some sources mention, this phone gaming will have a very qualified specification to be able to play the game.

Even some time ago leaks from AnTuTu and GeekBench databases revealed Xiaomi Blackshark scored up to 270,000 at AnTuTu.

Specifications Xiaomi Blackshark
According to news compiled by GadgetSquad editorial team from several sources, phone gaming xiaomi Blackshark will have Full HD + resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels, with 18: 9 ratio and possibly with 120 Hz refresh rate.

For devices available Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset processor. Adreno 630 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 32GB storage. And there may be other variants for its internal memory capacity, both 64GB and 128GB.

Running on the Android operating system 8.0 (Oreo), the display on phone Xiaomi Blackshark will have 120Hz capability to compete with Razer Phone.

“The team members working on the BlackShark Gaming Phone come from companies like Huawei, Samsung, and Tencent. They are highly skilled in their field. Currently the company has more than 300 skilled employees and more than 90% are designers and engineers, “said Wu Shimin, CEO of Black Shark Technology, according to Gizchina.

Xiaomi Blackshark is scheduled to launch on April 13 in China. If true, this phone will be the first gaming smartphone in the world, with a console-like design.

What do you think, do you like? Please rate your comment column.


First look Blackshark Xiaomi Phone Gaming :

Participate In Gaming Laptop Market, Samsung Introduce Odyssey Z

Participate In Gaming Laptop Market, Samsung Introduce Odyssey Z

Gaming Laptop Market

Although Samsung for several years seen talking on smartphones they also do not want to miss the market that is currently crowded, namely gaming laptop.

A few days ago, launched from Samsung NewsRoom page, Samsung Electronics announced a laptop product called Samsung Odyssey Z Notebook, a laptop with a design and look better with advanced techniques and management for a satisfactory level.

This laptop has been released in Beijing, China during the event Intel Worldwide Launch Event from 8th Generation Intel Core i7 with 6 cores, where Samsung presents Notebook Odyssey Z.

The design itself, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z itself uses the new media in the gaming laptop market. Redesigned with a revolutionary thermal management tool, the indoor air-conditioning system consists of three main components: Dynamic Deployed Vacuum Room, Z AeroFlow judi poker online uang asli Cooling Design and Z Blade Blower. With the system will make Odyssey Substance remain current even though the laptop looks normal considering its design is appropriate.

As for its own performance, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z will bring you feel a gaming game to a new level with maximum performance with the hardware offered. Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-P graphics card will have more than 10 percent more than a graphics card compared to 1060 Max-Q, you can enjoy high resolution visuals and “guaranteed” comfort.

It also comes with an 8th generation processor from Intel Core i7 with 6 cores and 12 threads, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Zvide for multi-core tasks such as video editing with high resoulition, 3D rendering and many other heavy activities. This device also has supported RAM with the last DDR 4 at a bandwidth of 2400 Mhz. So, no longer need the speed that is served while playing the game.

For their own applications when playing games, they make this laptop for gamers who are crazy about performance. With such strong performance, the Samsung Odyssey Z Notebook also features an enhanced keyboard with Crafter Keycaps that provide precision and comfort.

For Touchpad itself, use features such as desktop PC where the mouse is generally located to the right of the keyboard. Surely in addition to the tough performance of this laptop also still provides a very comfortable gaming experience for its users.

Participate In Gaming Laptop Market, Samsung Introduce Odyssey Z2

Samsung Odyssey First Look: