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Dota 2 is a dead game

Some say Dota 2 is a dead game, but this is actually happen

Can not be denied the popularity of Dota began to decline over time. This game used to be a golden child in asia. When a community wants to create a game competition, Dota is almost always the game of choice.

But now things are starting to change, even though Dota’s competition still exists, but it may not be as frequent as it once was. In popularity, this game is increasingly losing prestige with other games. In the number of players, this game yesterday even had a situs judi poker terpercaya moment by PUBG, a game that can be practically not even finished when it.

Faced with this, many feel or think that Dota game is dead; but it is not. There is one interesting reddit forum thread that explains the phenomenon that is happening on Dota. Redditor named ShimmyZmizz is claimed to be a former community / product manager in a game that is Free-to-Play.

He explains that the Free-to-Play game basically has three stages. Dota who incidentally is a game that also Free-to-Play was undergoing these three stages, and that makes Dota feel lonely is because he was in the last stage. What are the three stages? The following is explained by the redittor.

Stage One – Interesting Players (Acquisition)

Dota 2 is a dead game2

The first stage told by him is the stage of attracting players. This stage is when the new game releases, and the game developer focus when it is getting as many players, including those who have never played the game.

There are many things you can do to do this, build up the hype with interesting advertising content, also including one of them is to create ecosystem eSports in order to make the player inspired to become a pro player. ShimmyZmizz explains that Valve’s Free to Play video is one way to get gamers tempted to play Dota 2.

Second Stage – Searching for Profit (Monetization)

Dota 2 is a dead game3

Whatever game there is in this world, of course have one purpose besides entertaining, that is looking for profit. The redditor explains the second stage is to find a way to make money from gamers and fans who have played the free games.

In his explanation, the redittor said this stage occurs when the increase in the number of players has begun to slow down. He explained that the sale of The International Battle Pass is one of the best examples made Dota when it reached this one stage

Third Stage – Keeping the Loyal Player, Current Dota 2 (Retention)

Dota 2 is a dead game4

The last stage is what he says is keeping the loyal fans there. At this stage a game usually begins to lose players, while the number of new players tend to be less or even nonexistent. When a game has reached this stage, all they have to do is to keep fans loyal so that those who are already playing still enjoy playing the games they like.

Well! Dota itself is now said to have reached this one stage. Seen how the presence of Mobile Legends directly siphon attention and indirectly filter out which players are really loyal players Dota with seasonal players who just want to try it.

Therefore you can see now Dota game gives more frequent updates, than a big update that makes a scene. Then you can also see Dota Plus, whose goal is to spoil the loyal players to keep playing and still enjoy the game Dota itself. Also a fairness if Dota players are now not as much as before, because maybe only loyal players are left.

As an additional note, Shimmy Zmizz said that the third stage is the longest life phase of a game. It could even be this phase is the most fun phase, because Valve would certainly listen and do anything for the fans still enjoy the excitement of Dota players.

When it reaches the third phase of life, there are only two possibilities that can make Dota 2 die. The first possibility is if Dota 2 is replaced by a sequel, so for example one day Valve make Dota 3, it is clear Dota 2 will die.

The second possibility is if there is a very superior game replace Dota. For example when the Riot Games promote the League of Legends in large-scale in asia, to the point of making an official league organized and organized by Riot Games. Then at that time may be Dota a dead game in asia, because you may have run out of friends who both play Dota at that time.

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