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New Map PUGB, The Concept of Forest Asia

PUBG continues to innovate

not to be outdone by the competition This map is indeed a sign of the seriousness of Bluehole in working on the game, including other players in the development of this game is also merely a code that the developers are really going to the game that really promises this.

The MAP project under construction PUBG is coded “SAVAGE” A word that chooses wildlife as well as madness. I myself fit the madness as a super-intense warfare, the 4X4Km map that Bluehole offers this tough is really our skill.

Early compilations I played on this SAVAGE-coded map, a lot of mixed sense of environtment. Touch PUBG but really still felt in this MAP, so you do not need to fear if this MAP is not really PUBG yes. So without further ado this First Impression I about the new PUBG MAP.

Southeast Asia!

There is a lot of speculation that may arise about judi poker online terpercaya where the MAP PUBG is taking reference, but the first time  my feet in this new MAP, the taste EXOTIS indeed enveloping around. I feel again playing at home Upin-upin the traditional house of Malay style, but also the feeling of Vietnam ancient houses Borneo also not ilang.

Similarly similar roof designs to forest houses in China, this reason may also be supported by PUBG loyalists, domiciled in China which means that this is enough to keep the basement player.

Make Nostalic Horror!

Nostalgic atmosphere that was brought in this new MAP really rasain seemed to look at custom homes in the area of Kalimantan, where the houses are tall and maybe under the columns that can be entered.

Thai horror films and also Indonesia that take the background of the forest and make nostalgik badly the same keadan in this game, empty houses lined the middle of the forest and also the fear in the enemy ambush enough to haunt me during the struggle on the map of this Forest.

The details of the plants that spread to the empty custom houses, the greater the sense that this place seemed to be the abandoned horror house.

The High Weird Plateau Ala Plateau of China

When you look at this map, you will find many tall stones quite prominent, these beautiful stones have made you feel like there is in China. But his role in this PUBG game itself still I questioned, freely will die to get on the plane. The mountains that use a city simply become uniqueness that is not on another map, where you can take shelter to finish off the enemy in the middle of town.

Crazy Gameplay

War on this map is very intense, including a small place and still in development stage, often I have difficulty distinguishing the opponent. The enemy that follows this development is also perceived as looking for an arbitrary enemy, you will easily die compilation of this map. Homes that have a strategic berangle make lu always wary where the enemy is still residing, because it is possible to hide in the corners of crazy.


Bluehole’s expected feedback against the new MAP is high enough, evident from the vital location that still lacks texture, there is a 3d building with a chess-like color. The furniture in this MAP is not really sharpened, I have always been an empty Exotic concept. But this deficiency can be greatly improved, overall it is still in the development stage, it still needs a lot of advice from the players.

FPS drop that really really feel compilation gw be very important information, this may be because not well optimized with this new map.


You will feel the sensation of adrenaline that feels quite different compared to other maps, the concept of forest that is now sung really Savage, unlike the map of the forest on the map before. The touch of Southeast Asia and China really feels very strong in this MAP, you will realize it by looking at the semi-permanent that is in this game. Very intense war plus Pro players who roam the real skill and also the instinct of playing your shooting games.

Details and hiding places that still need to be repaired are quite replaceable, but with my inputs this happens. FPS drop is quite different from the previous map quite quite feel in this MAP, this will be a big input for PUBG.

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