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Overwatch Events
Seasonal events in Overwatch seem to be held regularly

Overwatch Retribution is a seasonal PvE event that tells the story of where Gabriel Reyes came from being a Reaper

One event that is often held this is when entering the holiday season. Examples such as Lunar New Year yesterday, in which Blizzard provide a kind of mini game associated with the holiday in his game.

But not only that, yesterday Blizzard also had an event called Uprising; which is a seasonal PvE fashion set against a story when Tracer first underwent his mission in Overwatch. This event is incorporated into a series called Overwatch Archives. And this year, Overwatch Archives situs judi poker indonesia comes back with a new story. The event titled Overwatch Retribution will tell you about the Blackwatch Organization.

For those of you who do not know, Blackwatch is a hidden organization of Overwatch. His own duties are the same as Overwatch, being the keeper of world peace. The difference Blackwatch usually tend to work on a dirty mission, a mission that is in the realm that can not be touched by the organization Overwatch. The members of McCree, Gabriel Reyes (being Reaper figure later), Moira O’Deorain, and Genji Shimada, this Retribution mode will tell one of the missions of Blackwatch members.

Welcoming this event, Blizzard also released a comic with the same title, which explains the background of the mission we can play in that mode. In the comics told Reyes with Blackwatch troops are eyeing someone in the organization Talon, named Antonio Bartalotti. Talon itself is a kind of extremist terrorist organization in the Overwatch world.

At one time, Blackwatch was at Rome, Italy. One thing that is not unexpected is that the base was already infiltrated enemy and eventually detonated by one member of Talon. Because of this Reyes with Blackwatch also intend to immediately crack down on Antonio and his Talon organization. He also reported to the commander of Overwatch, Jack Morisson (Soldier 76). But, when Jack said it would crack down on the Talon organization with legal channels.

Overwatch Events2

Unable to bear to see Talon increasingly rampant, Reyes also asked permission to perform a dark operation with troops Blackwatch, to attack Antonio and Talon directly without going through the legal process first. Until finally arrived Blackwatch to Venice, Italy, attacked the headquarters of Talon and so the story of this Overwatch Retribution mission.

If you are curious about the full story, you can read the comics through this one link. This new event will be available in-game on 10 April, and you can play it for the next 20 days or more until April 30, 2018.

Seasonal events that are in this series of Overwatch Archives did not stop here. Jeff Kaplan said that the Overwatch Archives are planned to be present regularly, and bring the players to the past story of Overwatch troops. As always, this event will certainly give you lots of special loot boxes that contain skins, sprays, emote, and other cosmetic items.


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