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Participate In Gaming Laptop Market, Samsung Introduce Odyssey Z

Gaming Laptop Market

Although Samsung for several years seen talking on smartphones they also do not want to miss the market that is currently crowded, namely gaming laptop.

A few days ago, launched from Samsung NewsRoom page, Samsung Electronics announced a laptop product called Samsung Odyssey Z Notebook, a laptop with a design and look better with advanced techniques and management for a satisfactory level.

This laptop has been released in Beijing, China during the event Intel Worldwide Launch Event from 8th Generation Intel Core i7 with 6 cores, where Samsung presents Notebook Odyssey Z.

The design itself, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z itself uses the new media in the gaming laptop market. Redesigned with a revolutionary thermal management tool, the indoor air-conditioning system consists of three main components: Dynamic Deployed Vacuum Room, Z AeroFlow judi poker online uang asli Cooling Design and Z Blade Blower. With the system will make Odyssey Substance remain current even though the laptop looks normal considering its design is appropriate.

As for its own performance, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Z will bring you feel a gaming game to a new level with maximum performance with the hardware offered. Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Max-P graphics card will have more than 10 percent more than a graphics card compared to 1060 Max-Q, you can enjoy high resolution visuals and “guaranteed” comfort.

It also comes with an 8th generation processor from Intel Core i7 with 6 cores and 12 threads, Samsung Notebook Odyssey Zvide for multi-core tasks such as video editing with high resoulition, 3D rendering and many other heavy activities. This device also has supported RAM with the last DDR 4 at a bandwidth of 2400 Mhz. So, no longer need the speed that is served while playing the game.

For their own applications when playing games, they make this laptop for gamers who are crazy about performance. With such strong performance, the Samsung Odyssey Z Notebook also features an enhanced keyboard with Crafter Keycaps that provide precision and comfort.

For Touchpad itself, use features such as desktop PC where the mouse is generally located to the right of the keyboard. Surely in addition to the tough performance of this laptop also still provides a very comfortable gaming experience for its users.

Participate In Gaming Laptop Market, Samsung Introduce Odyssey Z2

Samsung Odyssey First Look:

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